Sowt Center | Specialized Children’s Therapy Saudi Arabia
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We are a specialized children’s therapy center based in AlKhobar, Saudi Arabia. Our three core areas of specialty are: Speech Therapy, ABA Behavioral Therapy and Occupational Therapy. We create individually tailored programs for each child according to their needs delivered via a one to one therapist to child model. Our services are provided by specialized, licensed therapists in our core areas. We at Sowt believe that every child is unique and should be celebrated for that. We pledge to provide the best services possible to help your child flourish and reach not just for the stars but for fulfilling the dreams that they paint for themselves.


To help every child flourish and reach their fullest potential while realizing their dreams.


To be the leading Center in the region providing specialized therapeutic services in the fields of Speech Therapy, Behavioral Therapy and Occupational Therapy.

How sessions run

Sessions run for the duration of one hour, where the therapist and child will individually work together. An individualized program will be designed for your child, including the recommended quantity and type of therapy your child requires to flourish and achieve their goals. This personally tailored program will include specific goals exclusively designed to reach your child’s fullest potential.


Speech and Language Therapy

The Sowt Specialist Center Speech and Language Therapy team assesses and treats the full range of speech and language development in children. Our therapists support children in developing their ability to understand others and to be understood, including aural, oral, reading, and writing skills. Our therapists work with children of all ages, including early intervention, and all types of diagnoses and learning difficulties. The following are examples of areas that Sowt center therapists address:

Receptive/Expressive Language

Oral motor skills



Apraxia of speech

Articulation and phonology


Auditory processing

Reading and writing difficulties

Sowt Center

Occupational Therapists

Sowt Specialist Center Occupational Therapists assess and treat children of all ages within a broad range of social, emotional, behavioral and motor skill development. We help children develop and improve their skills in performing life’s usual tasks through a combination of creative and fun therapeutic interventions. Our team is skilled at working within areas such as:

Sensory processing

Self care skills

Classroom accommodations


Coordination and fine motor skills

Coordination and fine motor skills


Behavioral therapy

ABA is an intensive education program designed for children with ASD or associated characteristics. ABA therapists develop personalized learning plans to suit the child’s current level of functioning, consolidate and generalize emerging skills and create opportunities to develop new skills. Maximum impact is seen when children engage in therapy for a minimum of 20 hours per week. It is essential that real life and functional connections are made between new learning which occurs during therapy and contexts which are meaningful to the child (e.g. – school and home). During a typical session with the therapist, a child will focus upon developing a specific skill for short periods of time. The learning process is supported and new skills learnt and reinforced by frequent rewards such as food, favorite toy, tickles or free play.


ABA programs focus on all areas of development including communication (verbal and non-verbal), play, self-help, fine and gross motor as well as academic skills. It also addresses problematic behaviors including self-injury, tantrums, as well as socially inappropriate behaviors.

Verbal and non-verbal communication

Self-help skills

Gross motor skills


Fine motor skills

Self regulation


Challenging and socially inappropiate behavior

Sowt Center